I’m just calling this post Blooper # 49… – Four Paws Creations

I’m just calling this post Blooper # 49…

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I know it's been awhile since I made a post here on our Blog. So today I thought I would try out a new speech recognition software. I just started using the speech recognition tool yesterday and so far it seems to be working out pretty good.

Although I must admit it can be frustrating at first, it seems to be getting better the more that I use it. So that is what I am using to write today's blog post, is a speech recognition software and we will see how it goes?

I do have to admit that in my circumstances it does appear that using voice recognition will be faster than typing for me LOL! I can see we're in a matter of time it will get better at knowing my voice and therefore pick up speed. It is pretty cool that it learns your voice especially for someone like me who is an ol' hillbilly, LOL.

So today's blog post will probably be a short one but I do have a video for you but it is not the one that I've wanted to create for you due to the fact that me and Google chrome just could not get along this morning.

So I'm sharing the blooper video with you instead and hopefully you will get a good laugh from it and hey, I will try again tomorrow or maybe later on today to get the video done that I wanted to get done for you.

Yep, it's been one of "those" kind of days. LOL But hey, it'll all be just fine. 😉

Now yesterday I posted a video on my YouTube channel sharing some recent stats from my Mailerlite account. I will post a link to the video at the bottom of this post in case you want to check it out, "I love Mailerlite" and I am getting great open rates and click thru rates on my e-mail campaigns and broadcasts.

But hey, don't take my word for it, go see for yourself and leave a comment on what you think about the stats I share in my video.

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Here's the link to more stats from inside of my MailerLite account... 
to view the video click here

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So until next time remember, "to your success we wish the very best!"

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