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What Do the Help Desk Ticket Statuses Mean?


The ticket statuses are used to help both you and us better understand where we are in the process of answering your question or resolving your issue.

There are 4 different ticket statuses and this is what they mean:

  1. New means that it is a new ticket that hasn’t ever been had any communications between us since you originally opened the ticket.
  2. Open means we have given an initial response and are actively working on answering the question/solving the issue for you.
  3. Pending means that we believe we have answered the question or resolved the issue but are waiting for you to agree with that, if you do agree the issue is resolved.
  4. Resolved means that the ticket has been closed. Note: If a ticket is closed and you realize you still have a question that is related to that ticket, you can easily reopen the ticket and reply with your new questions, comments or concerns.

In general, there is no reason for you to change the status as it is automatically set to Open.

However, if you do agree that the question/issue has been taken care of then you can change it to resolved.

Also, if the ticket appears to have been resolved by either of us, and the ticket status was changed to resolved, but it was mistakenly resolved then the status should be changed back to open so we can be working on it.

If this does not fix the issue or if you have any other questions please submit a ticket so we can look into the problem and assist you further.

Thank you.

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