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So which auto-responder service do you use for your email marketing needs, is it Aweber, Get Response, Mail Chimp or maybe you use a free service like LiveWire or a self-hosted service on your own server? 

Now as for myself I've never used a self hosted auto-responder so I can't really say anything about them although I can say that I've always heard that they can be more trouble than what they are worth. But as I said, I've never used a self-hosted service so I don't really know anything about them.

I tried Mail Chimp when it first hit the scene and as for myself I didn't like the way that they used to place ads on the follow up emails that I would send to my lists of subscribers. (I don't know if they still do that or not?) Maybe it was because I was just starting out and was using the free version? 

I had a Get Response account for a few years but just deleted it last month because I never used it... well maybe I did just a couple of times when I first opened the account but since then... I've just been throwing money in the ol' woodburning stove basically because I never used it. So my partner and long time girlfriend said "we won't be wasting money that we can use on advertising on something you never use anymore." And so I canceled my Get Response account (I just love my girlfriend, she's the thinker in this household. LOL )

And I do have an Aweber account at the present time and I have been with them for around 7 years now but I hate that I got to say this but here goes... "Aweber, I'm leaving you, I found a service that I like better and has more to offer me. Aweber, I want a divorce."

Yes it's true after all these years I'm canceling my account with Aweber and I admit that they have been good to me over the years but, over the last 6-8 months or more, I have had nothing but trouble when using their service. I couldn't ad new follow up emails to my campaigns 90-95% of the time and trying to set up a series of broadcast messages was just plumb fustrating. To the point of having to get up and walking away from my computer. (With some muttering under my breath and some name calling I might ad!)

So I went on the hunt for a new service about two months ago and believe me, there are hundreds if not thousands of auto responder services out there to choose from. But I'm not one to just settle for the first thing to come along and I don't like to have all my eggs in one basket so to speak, so I really was on the hunt for two new services.

Now when it comes to email marketing and the auto responder service one uses in their online or offline business you need to make sure it better be a good one that will get your emails into your subscribers inbox and not the Spam or trash folder or worse yet... get you blacklisted! As for myself it to be a dependable one with good standings with it's customers, it had to have good customer service and real reviews and it had to be one that had stood at least some test of time. Not one that just came online yesterday so to speak. 

So after a couple of months I have found my new auto responder service and home for my subscribers as well as my back up service to. The back up service I'll be using is called SendinBlue and they are a free service that you can use to send up to 300 emails daily or 9000 emails a month. They allow importing of your existing contacts and it is very easy to use, and with 50,000+ company's using their service they have the reviews and reputation to make me feel comfortable and secure in my decision to use their service. I'll be talking more about SendinBlue and taking everyone on a inside screen capture tour in the up coming posts.

Now the main one I'll be using and have been test driving for the past couple months is called MailerLite and and I must say "I LOVE IT!!!" Now I'm not going to be taking you on a inside tour today but I really want you to take a look a look at the video below and after you do I want to hear what you think of it. It is just one of my favorite features inside of MailerLite.

Well what did you think about it? I hope that you liked it and that is just one of my favorite features. Did I happen to mention that they are FREE to use up to 1,000 subscribers, and you can send unlimited emails? And that isn't counting other cool stuff they have to offer that Aweber doesn't.

​To see all the great features and get your new MailerLite account and to see a side by side comparison of some of the features up against Aweber. Click the link below...
Get started with MailerLite Today!

Well I could go on and on ( as a lot of you well know, LOL) but I believe I'll just wrap it for today. 

I want to thanks for stopping by and I really urge you to checkout MailerLite and don't forget to hit those share buttons below and leave us a comment or maybe you have some questions, either way you can leave a Facebook comment below and remember...

"To your success, we wish the very best!"

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